Corrugata Natural Edge Hollow Vessel

Approximately 8 inches by 4 inches.

SUNDAY, MAY 31, 2015


Adapting a Jet Wet Grinder to use the Vertical Solution Pro  Sharp 4X

The Jet Wet Grinder provides an edge that is unsurpassed for turning tools. The wet grinder has a major drawback that is also a benefit, it removes material very slowly. Because of this, the wet grinder will make your tools last longer, but when it comes to shaping a new tool, it will take forever. If you use a Wolverine jig with the Vari Grind, this is a good way to make the same edge on your tool every time. Using the Pro Sharp 4X, you can have the best of both worlds. With this setup from Geiger Solutions

These are the directions to modify the wet grinder. you can consult with Don Geiger for instructions on how to setup the Vertixcal Solution Pro Sharp 4X.

Using the Geiger Solutions, Vertical Solution Pro Sharp 4X with the Jet Wet Grinder requires some modification to the Jet Wet Grinder. Below, you will be able to see how to accomplish this.

Step 1

The Jet Wet Grinder has a couple of plastic “wings” that are used for to attach the rubber feet on the machine. In this step, remove all the rubber feet from the machine. Then use a Foredom or other type of grinding tool to remove the wing under the grinding wheel and the plastic nubs on the wing under the honing wheel.

Image 1-Wing removed from under grinding wheel

Image 2-Plastic nub removed from wing under honing wheel

Image 3-Bottom of Jet Wet Grinder. 

Step 2

Then Build a base for the Jet Wet Grinder to sit on. This consists of a 20’ x 14” ½ birch plywood base, a pair of ¾’” birch plywood 6” x 2” riser blocks and a 1/2 “ birch plywood 7 ¾” square filler block. Place the Jet Wet Grinder on the base and roughly outlined the location of the grinder. Then screw the risers and filler to the base to place the grinder in the right position. 

Image 4-Base for grinder 

Step 3

Then place the Jet Wet Grinder on the base and use a square to mark where the grinding wheel is over the base. Using these marks, install the Wolverine Jig Base to be centered under the wheel.

Step 4

With the addition of the filler block, the accessory drawer on the Jet Wet Grinder no longer fits as before. Take a Foredom or other grinding tool and grind about an 1/8” off of the drawer stop on the bottom of the drawer.

Image 5-Modified Drawer Stop

Step 5

Then setup the Vertical Pro Solution 4X according to the instructions. The Vertical Pro Solution 4X is now setup to be used on an 8” 3450 RPM grinder and the Jet Wet Grinder.

Image 6-Honing Wheel Side of Setup

Image 7-Grinding Wheel Side of Setup.