Hollow forms provide a different artistic and technical experience. The form has a different aesthetic than other types of vessels.

“Cayenne”--Dyed Maple Burl

 with Katalox Collar and Finial

Silver Maple Burl Hollow Form with Bolivian Rosewood Collar

Bleached Ambrosia Maple Hollow Form with a Chokte Viga Collar

Redwood Burl Hollow Form with five carvd spirals

Red Mallee Burl Natural Edge Hollow Form

Maple Hollow Form, textured and dyed balck

Pink Alabaster Vase with Mahogany Collar

Cherry Hollow Form, carved and dyed balck

“Ghosts of Summer Meadows” Maple Carved and Painted

Big Leaf Maple Burl Hollow Form, witrh Carved Spirals

Figured Norway Maple with Blackwood Collar and Finial

Maple Burl Southwest Form