All of my work is about vessels. Bowls, hollow forms, boxes are all about holding. Even my catch phrase, "Every bowl holds a story", relates to that sentiment.

What I try to express through my work is this feeling of holding. The wood has warmth that wants to be touched. The form must feel good in my hands and to hold my eye to be successful. The finish must feel soft and smooth to gain approval.

Even the thought of working with my hands relates to the idea of holding. The hand holds the tool and the mind guides the hand. Creating with my hands is probably genetic. My father built the house where I grew up and one of my earliest memories is watching him plane a door. Seeing the shavings curl up from the plane, smelling the fresh scent of the wood still is a vivid memory that comes back often in front of the

I want people to experience my work through my eyes and experiences. I want them to appreciate the memories, the medium, the form and the finish.